Welcome to Happy

Happy is a six-month arts programme and festival inspired by the work of Bury-born Victoria Wood, and how she made people feel!

There will be lots of ways you can get involved through our New Faces programme or Let’s Do It! activities.

Happy is a part of the Bury Town of Culture programme.

We're following all government guidelines around the COVID-19 outbreak, and so it’s with a heavy heart that we’re postponing the Happy Festival to May 2021

We are, of course, extremely sad that we're having to take this step, but our first priority is to protect audiences, staff and the general public.

We'll be posting online contributions from our artists and workshop leaders across our social channels over the coming weeks, and we hope that these things make you Happy.


Victoria Wood Monologues – online workshop update

When I was first asked to take part in the Happy Festival, inspired by Victoria Wood, one of the questions posed was: Is she still relevant or was her work...

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An exhibition from photographer Andy Hollingworth of unpublished shots of Victoria and mementos from her archive.

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Take a closer look at how Victoria Wood approached her work. Hosted by Victoria’s official biographer Jasper Rees talking to colleagues of Victoria...

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OUR VICTORIA – the Fan strand…

Calling all Victoria Wood fans, don’t miss this chance to reminisce, chat and laugh at this very special event with live music and a two soup menu.

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'Have a go' workshops, performances, singing, brass bands…and more. A chance to listen to a funny song, try an instrument or simply clap along to a brass band.

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Victoria’s colleagues, TV producer and director Geoff Posner and Musical Director David Firman cook up a very special Q&A.

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A hilarious, new, thought-provoking comedy. Half stand-up, half sketch-show and half-witted.

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Silly songs, even sillier jokes, star turns and funny folk.

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"I'm going North. It's a compulsion with me. Even in Tesco's I head straight for the freezer cabinets on the back wall."

"I'm apparently something of a celebrity since I walked the Pennine Way in slingbacks in an attempt to publicise mental health."

"It's just one of the things I've always wanted to do, swim the Channel. And meet Bonnie Tyler."

"I can't say this often enough. It may be Hamlet, but it's got to be fun, fun, fun!"

"I'm learning a language. It's called 'Get By In Flemish'. I'm learning it in case I ever go to Flem."

"He said, do you want a drink or do you want a kick up the bum with an open toed sandal? I said get you Eamonn Andrews."

"You're separated aren't you? Yes, he's livin int loft. He's got the lilo and the slow cooker. We don't speak…"

"They said they'd made out a little wedding list. Little? It made the Domesday book look like a raffle ticket…"

"I can remember when pants were pants! You wore them for 20 years then you cut them down into pan scrubs or quilts."

"Life is very tough for these Northern women, I did a cameo in a Barbara Taylor Bradford; heartbreaking…."

"Well he's not my husband but he brushed past me in a sports jacket so as good as..."

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