Chanje Kunda presents PLANT FETISH

Performance artist Chanje Kunda has discovered that plants reduce stress. She’s also learnt that some women in Mexico, fed up with men, are getting married to trees. The trees aren’t very talkative, but they’re tall, do great things for the planet, and are renowned for their wood.

So Chanje, inspired, fell in love with plants, fleshy succulents, venus flytrap, the twining of a creeper. The pressures of life drifted away. This show maps her journey, and features a harem of stunning tropical plants. With music and movement, dramatic narrative, metaphors of growth and renewal, the show ends on a climax…

Plant Fetish will inspire you to embrace foliage over FOMO.

“The humour with which she shares these stories is palpable.” – Quays Life

‘Strikingly successful.’ – British Theatre Guide

Commissioned by Eclipse, HOME and ARC as part of Slate: Black. Arts. World.

Suitable for ages 16+.

Duration approx. 60 minutes.

Plant Fetish contains mild swearing, discussion of sexual themes, and also references mental health, specifically PTSD and childhood trauma.

Fri 15th May 7.30pm £12
Studio, The Met, Market Street, Bury, BL9 0BW