A hilarious, thought-provoking comedy, inspired by Victoria Wood and written specially for the Happy Festival.

Meet Carl, a casual Gallery Assistant at Bury Art Museum. He’s the one you see sitting reading a paperback when you wander into the gallery by mistake. He’s the one who looks up, mouths ‘hello’ and smiles weakly, shaming you into spending ten seconds at each exhibit before you shoot upstairs for a skinny latte.

At nine o’clock this morning, Carl was bleaching his blue bin when he got a call from the museum curator in person. Emergency. The company who were booked to perform at the gallery today, ADD LAUGHTER AND SHAKE, are stuck behind a shed load of flatpack wardrobes on the M6, somewhere south of Walsall.

Carl’s no performer and his opinions are somewhat stuck in the past. It’s not what the audience was led to expect. One young woman in the crowd, festival volunteer and PhD student (‘Working Class Women Erased from History – a Proto-Feminist Perspective’) Sam, is especially unhappy…

Think Donald Trump meets Greta Thunberg (in Victoria Wood’s vestibule).

Half stand-up, half sketch-show and half-witted, this is a fast-paced show with a small cast, a big heart – and happy songs!

Hand’s Up Who’s Happy is a Happy commission.

to be re-scheduled in May 2021 FREE
Bury Art Museum, Moss Street, Bury, BL9 0DR