Happy Online

The Happy team are working with our artists, performers, workshop leaders and partners, to bring you a variety of uplifting online content. We hope this will inspire you to create something that makes you happy and helps to raise a smile. Some of this content will give you a sneak preview of the first Happy Festival now scheduled for May 2021. Watch this space…

A Very Special Live Event - Dinnerladies Q&A

This very special live conversation takes a look behind the scenes of Dinnerladies – one of Victoria Wood’s best-loved TV series – to discover how she approached her work.

Hosted by Victoria’s official biographer Jasper Rees, this live YouTube event will feature her legendary BAFTA-winning TV producer Geoff Posner as well as Dinnerladies’ actors Sue Devaney (Jane), Kate Robbins (Babs from Urmston) and Bernard Wrigley (Bob).

Post your own questions in advance or live during the event on Twitter @HappyFestBury Facebook @HappyFestBury or email info@happyfestival.org using the hashtag - #dinnerladiesq&a.

Be sure to tune in at 8pm on Tuesday 19th May!

The Ballad of Barry & Freda (Let’s Do It!)

A new version of Barry & Freda (Let’s Do It!) with songwriter and all-round Manchester choir legend Beth Allen.

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Joe Nelson – Happy (Inspired by Victoria Wood)

A new, and beautiful, song from Manchester musician, songwriter and stalwart of Bury’s ALFA team, Joe Nelson. Guaranteed to bring a smile – and maybe a tear, this has been commissioned and written inspired by Victoria for the festival.

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How to Make Spotted Dick with Andrew Nutter

Sticking with the Dinnerladies theme, learn How to Make…Spotted Dick with wonderful celebrity chef Andrew Nutter!

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ALFA Education Team Choir and Band – Oh Happy Day Medley

ALFA Education Team Choir and Band perform an Oh Happy Day medley, to make us all smile and jig along, a great way to remember, we can all be happy.

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Karl the VA – Vlog 5

Karl the VA’s own commemoration to our Victoria Wood on what would have been her birthday.

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Doolally – Two Cheeky Songs (And A Competition Too!)

Two cheeky songs and a new limerick from Doolally. Plus the chance to send us your best Victoria inspired limerick. There are prizes and everything… You’ve got to be in it to win it! Get your entries in by 31st May to info@happyfestival.org

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Karl the VA – International Museums Day

Let Karl take you on a virtual tour of his cabinet of curiosities, as part of his contribution to National Museums Day!

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Lucky BagS Lockdown Workout

Lucky BagS is a choreographed work in response to the Victoria Wood archives held at Bury Art Museum (the choreography draws inspiration from the character of Hailey Bailey and the concept of Acorn Antiques, in particular) and is part of a bigger commission to Ruth Jones for Happy, 2021.

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